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Friday, January 19, 2007

What the hell is Neo Imperialism

Neo-Imperialism means exploitation of people everywhere, within the societies held by a government, for example the people of of the United States are not any different than the old world colonized inhabitants of Africa, South Asia and South America. Now it is possible to drive around any city on the continental United States and drive into enclaves of poverty stricken working class with conditions transcending international borders. Lets say, the inhabitants of a large parts of Detroit, Los Angeles, Mumbay, Tehran, Johannesburg or Manchester in the UK, have more sharing characteristics than anytime in the past century. While the legally sanctioned monopolies of the few is unfortunately growing. Corrupt politicians at the same time have more in common on the international stage, the Ayatollahs in Iran certainly have interests and links with politicians in Europe and the USA, they are in a dance of coexistence to exploit the masses in the age of neo-imperialism.


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