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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

همراه شو "Follow Me My Beloved" by Mohsen Namjoo

همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Follow me my dear
همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Follow me my beloved
تنها نمان به درد --------------------------------Do not sit in your pain
کاین درد مشترک ------------------------------Our pains
هرگز جدا جدا درمان نمی‌شود ------------------Will not be cured if we are apart

همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Stand up my dear
همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Stand up my beloved
تنها نمان به درد --------------------------------Do not wait in pain
کاین درد مشترک -------------------------------All this Injustice
هرگز جدا جدا درمان نمی‌شود ------------------Will not be cured if we stand apart

دشوار زندگی ----------------------------------Harshness of life
هرگز برای ما ---------------------------------Will never be ours
دشوار زندگی ----------------------------------Difficulties of life
هرگز برای ما ---------------------------------Will not be ours
بی رزم مشترک -------------------------------Without a united fight
آسان نمی‌شود ----------------------------------It will not be an easy task

تنها نمان به درد -------------------------------Do not wait in pain alone
همراه شو عزیز -------------------------------Stand up and follow the beloved

Note: I had originally posted a Yotube video with breathtaking images from the protests accompanied with a longer version of this same song by Mohsen Namjoo, unfortunately the Youtube account was closed, therefore I replaced the link with the above video with a shorter version of the song.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Open Following Web Links to Help Crash Web Sites of Islamic Regime

Photos of some journalists incarcerated in dangerous conditions
You can help bring Islamic regime down:
Information below is a call circulating on the internet for a simple and automated way anyone with an internet connection can help crash Islamic Republic of Iran's most notorious mouth piece websites. Simply click on the links below in a new browser or new tabs:

Enter the following URLs in your browsers and leave them there. Even when you leave home keep the browsers open with the URLs so they keep getting refreshed. This will run a program which will continuously refresh these sites until the bandwidth exceeds. Open as many internet connections as you wish, during the process pages may look blank, this is OK, if you look at the bottom of the browser you will see that the computer connects and again reconnects to the site. If you see any notice of a script trying to open on your computer you should simply stop the script. Once in awhile you might want to check to make sure your browser has not give up, if so close the browser and restart the process again.

Most important is Ahmadienjad's IR cyber intelligence ministry's website, This site publishes pictures of the protesters and asks government informants to report them if they recognize the faces from the pictures, which ultimately leads to the protesters being arrested.

-- for :

-- , pro-Ahmadinejad news site which publishes the most outrageous lies & accusations:

-- :

-- :

-- Thug Shariatmadari's Kayhan published in Tehran:

-- Supreme Leader's site:

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