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Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing for a World Without Terrorists & Without Promoters of Ignorance


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have you not realized complacency is collaboration?

How is it that the NIE’s findings coincide with the crowning of Rafsanjani as the head of the powerful Expediency Council? Having witnessed the findings as an act of official complacency towards the Islamic Republic of Iran makes me wonder. What has at this point caused such an authoritative move in viewing the theocracy? It is interesting that the first signs of the Estimate and the establishment's installation of Rafsanjani as the head of the most powerful executive body has led to a further expansion of crack down on every expression of dissent in Iran. In the late 1990’s we witnessed killings ordered by Khamenei and Rafsanjani, planned by Ali Fallahian and executed by Saeed Emami against voices of discontent. Since Rafsanjani’s role became official again we have seen a new wave of perverse crackdown on women, students and political activists. At this new stage of struggle, Iranian freedom fighters must realize they stand alone against the Islamic regime, the same regime which legitimized terrorism worldwide, destroyed the fabric of Iranian society and dismantled freedoms kept sacred by every human being. It is important to remain skeptical to the rhetoric of “Regime Change” and its evolving aberrations going forward and back in time. We just witnessed a major change in Pakistan at the flip of the fingers of the powers to be and there were no NIEs to justify the positions taken. How is it that the Islamic Republic of Iran has remained immune in face of all its atrocities for the past twenty eight years? My only assumption is that there is a powerful faction in the West that is the regime's master. Inexistence of rights and the suffering of Iranian people is not a factor for them to consider. Unfortunately the civilized world will have to wait for the sad results of such political experiments until it can come up with the resolve to take a concrete decision and truly support the Iranian people in its epic struggle to achieve freedom from theocratic totalitarianism. What will the human costs be by then?

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