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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Shahroudi: Public executions only when I say so. Kill the rest quietly.

SaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardThanks to fellow blogger Christina Eijkhout for this news and her daily efforts in exposing the crimes of the Islamic regime. Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi the Judiciary Chief of Islamic Republic of Iran (an Iraqi who has difficulty speaking Persian) wants limitations on public executions and dissemination of news reports, photos and videos. He has ordered any public hanging or executions must be approved by him. In the meantime executions and punishments will move back underground. It seems they are gearing up for a new charm offensive. After all the elections are coming up.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Commentary on upcoming "elections" in Iran

SaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardSaggezardState sponsored violence in Iran has seen a new dawn under Ahmadinejad. The judicial and extra-judicial murders and violence under this presidency is no surprise, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been proven to have had a direct role in committing mass atrocities since the early days of Khomeini's sack of Iran. In light of the upcoming parliamentary elections, this trend of violent behavior is simply a recurring attempt to keep the population under mounting pressure and in check while presenting to the international community a process involving elections. Vetting and disqualification of the candidates is simply a public relations ploy to pretend to a sophisticated democratic electoral process. The graphic violence is part of Islamic regime's internal political campaign. The population of Iranians are being pushed in the corner by a campaign of violence and poverty in order to publicly submit to a slightly lesser evil mask of the same Islamic hierarchy. Nuances of Khatami's first election campaign in 1997 are again in the air, when people desperately prayed for Khatami to become the president compared to the hardliner Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri. And so now we have a hardliner: Ahmadinejad in place after Khatami, proving that the Islamic regime has as all dictatorial ruling classes, only one objective, of preserving the status quo by any means, and undoubtedly they are extremely good at this game. Is the News and Public Relations community again getting into position to make the world believe that Iranians have a choice in the election of the government ruling Iran? If so then we have to admit that the international community has decided to accept the Islamic Republic against the aspiration and wishes of almost all the people of Iran. If this assessment turns out to be true then this is a very sad and dark age with terrible repercussions.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blitz in progress. Don't believe anything you read, see or hear.

A recent deluge of revisionist media blitz in support of the Islamic regime, on Iranian satellite TV, accompanied by unusually disproportionate number of forum posts have caught my interest and attention. On Iranian satellite TV (Channel One) I have seen commentary from popular talking heads offering “facts” blaming the crimes being committed today against Iranians as a result of policies more than twenty-nine years ago. It is without any shame that it is said: today's judicial amputations, poverty, prostitution and etc. are the Shah's fault. On TV channels (Pars TV) which were a few years ago sworn enemies of the Islamic Regime and nationalistic advocates, now programs air that have renamed the Persian Gulf. This type of propaganda has worked very well in the past for the Islamic regime and its masters and cronies. Needless to say that Ahmadinejad vowed to bring the Iranian satellite TV to its knees, the result is disturbing. On the comments section of where countless number of user feedback is deleted each day we see an unusually large number of comments in support of such hated characters as Khomeini. In the past we have faced media attacks by international media sources, dehumanizing Iranians and making viewers believe that the Islamic theocracy is the representative of the people of Iran. But the infiltration of supposedly exiled and dissident radio and TV, and the cooking up of Internet forums and comments sections is a new frontier that need to be addressed and exposed. So it is up to each individual to expose the media and reflect the events. Our numbers alone will drown them and the truth will be told.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Faith based diplomacy?! Good luck


I just listened to this program on: Speaking of Faith: Diplomacy & Faith in the 21st Century

Douglas Johnston, head of the "below the radar" International Center for Religion and Diplomacy says: "...The key to engaging Iran is religion..." and "...a peace game..." would work out with Iran "...if Rafsanjani were to win the (presidential) election..." in 2005

Mr. Johnston seems to have differentiated between the Iranian people and the Iranian government by presenting the people as void of needs for justice, human rights, dignity, freedom, economic stability, a future and....

Check out his credentials, pretty impressive for a guy who has come up with such misguided ideas at least about Iran. (I do not want to pass judgment on his ideas about other nations)
What is he trying to achieve concerning Iran? Is he just trying to legitimize the theocracy? or is this just a brainwashing outfit? or a front for some other operation?

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Five men had their right hands and left feet dismembered by the Islamic court in Iran.

How are we going to get Jimmy Carter's attention? He holds the prestigious position of a former president of the United States allowing him to jet set around the globe, apparently promoting human rights and democracy for the past three decades. The Iranian people deserve an answer, it was on his clock that Iran was plunged into its darkest time. He needs to tell the Iranians what really happened to America's position towards Iran. Now Jimmy Carter refuses categorically to speak to any Iranian or Iranian journalist about Iran. I believe it is time for us to hear his side of the story, there are numerous great Iranian journalists with integrity who would give him a fair chance, I can think of Zia Atabai or Ali Reza Meibodi who would give Carter a fair platform to tell his side of the story. Otherwise, the least the Iranian youth need is an expression of sympathy or acknowledgment of the attrocities of the Islamic Republic.

On Sunday it has been reported in the restive province of Zahedan, Iran, five men were charged with "acting against God" and "corruption upon this Earth". They were punished by the amputation of their right hands and their left feet. The charge of "acting against God" and "corruption upon Earth" (or better known in Iran's Islamic court system as"Mohareb ba Khoda" and "Mofsed O Fel Arz") usually carries a death sentence, but this slightly lighter punishment is obviously used to send a subtle warning to the masses. This is a continuation of last year's graphic and barbaric punishments imposed on all types of Iranians, this January of 2008 the public displays have gone into a new phase with the unprecedented mass dismemberments.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Here is one for Ahamadinejad

Mr. Dr. President Ahmadinejad enjoy the attached video clip from Iranian satellite TV showing the fabulous and lovely Iranian singer Mr. Jalal Hemati

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