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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ahmadinejad Speaks

I tried to do my best in translating the video and in the process I realized this video is highly edited, the video is not in sync with Ahmadinejad and his voice is also edited, it cuts and pastes all the time. My question is what is the source for the video? is it edited by the Islamic Republic or others? Is this just another snippet of Ahmadinejad? He speaks like a clown without editing anyway. But it would be interesting to find out what the purpose of the speech and the true purpose of the editor is. It is interesting that the Video is also airing on Iranian satellite TV.

"… Again I want to tell you something I remember, one day one of the major personalities of Eastern Asia, an official of very high importance came to visit me. He talked for about half an hour, the essence of what he said was they are studying world affairs and have realized that Iran is rapidly becoming an unrivaled power. And he said that he quickly has come to say that they are behind us all the way. Just like the women who get in the line with their shopping baskets to buy milk early mornings, he had also come to put his basket in our line that yes he is here too, saying that he is a customer. I am amazed, some people under the name of politicians give such a crooked view of our situation, they say oh wow, look they are in it together, they will be dangerous, they are going to take over, what will happen, they tell people if they come they will take your house, they will take your money and they will take your wife and children. In New York itself, this last year when we went to New York, they started a whole caravan of cars for us, the security is very heavy for us there, and they have the same amount of security for us as their own president. Twenty, thirty cars start driving, with all these black cars, and they obviously do this to put fear in peoples' hearts, with black cars. And it is interesting because we do not drive more than five or ten minutes from the United Nations, usually we just drive a couple of blocks and intersections, during this time people stand on the sidewalks and they look in to the cars and for one second they see us and immediately do this (lift their arm up and show their fist and then the peace sign) just like this. And to prove it there was a two or three year old in someone’s friend's arms and was brought to me and the child was asked who is this, pointing to me, and they do not even speak any language other than Spanish, and the child answered: “He is Mahmoud, he is Mahmoud”

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