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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Islamic fascist police arresting woman for "Unislamic Clothing Crime"

The arrest of 15 British service men was a huge success for the Islamic Republic of Iran and its sponsors. Since the event, American tone on the theocratic regime has changed to one of appeasement, negotiation and mutual benefit for the sake of geopolitical stability. In the meantime the domestic crackdown by the Islamic Republic of Iran on civilians, minorities and striking teachers have sharply increased. Is this a sign that the West (Britain and USA) has negotiated a longterm settlement with the inspiration and harborer of international terrorism? Was there a green light given to the Ayatollahs to quash the people of Iran? I remember, on February 2nd 2005 state of the union, President George W. Bush addressed the people of Iran: "As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you". I say: Mr. President, the people of Iran have stood again and again since and their side have only been flanked by empty promises.


Friday, April 27, 2007

........and the debates begin.

I envy these people for their democracy
Now this is what I call equality. Is there really any difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties? Earlier this week Condoleezza Rice emphasized that America's aim in Iran was not regime change but a "change in the regime". Furthermore reports the Telegraph of UK: Bush raises possibility of talks with Iran.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Tortured and dead body of a Kurdish man has just been delivered to his grieving family in Iran by the criminal Islamic regime.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

This week Islamic Republic is starting the flooding of area holding ancient Persian treasures

Destruction of Iranian heritage has been a continuous occupation of the Islamic regime since its beginning. Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali at the beginnings of the 1979 revolution traveled with bulldozers to flatten Persepolis where ruins of the 2500 year old administrative capital of the Achamenian dynasty sits. Locals stopped his bulldozers by laying down on their path, until the governor of the province was able to convince Khalkhali to leave without damaging the treasures. Now Ahmadinejad is planning to go ahead with the systematic destruction of one of civilized world's first administrative sites by by flooding a dam under the pretense of creating electricity for industry. This is where the first postal system was conceived and where the first human rights charter was written.


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