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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Khatami buys land in Venezuela and Tehran burns


Our dear intellectual mullah, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, a well read man, who enjoys to rub shoulders with western academia, who likes to quote great men, and once called the Islamic revolution "the greatest plebiscite in history" has decided to buy hundreds of hectares of land in Venezuela just outside of Caracas. Now, why would a Shiite clergyman from Iran be interested in purchasing land in that tropical paradise? Is it the numerous Miss Worlds that Venezuela has produced or is it the pristine nature that has attracted our future Ayatollah and possible supreme leader. Khatami reportedly is planning to raise wild birds and that is the reason for purchasing such a large parcel of land!!! What was the price of the land? And does President Hugo Chavez provide the 70 venezuelan virgins for free?

In the meantime Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi a former prime minister of the Islamic republic has hit back and said that the ideals of the Islamic revolution have been forgotten, that Islamic revolution meant to improve people's lives!!! Not diminish and destroy the standards of living. He further explains that "20% of children in Tehran are street children" or homeless. Now I do not know if he is just babbling his leftist ideas which he nourished and developed together with Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, or is he a contender.

While all this happens, Tehran burns. Twenty eight years earlier, before the repulsive Islamic revolution took hold Shahpour Bakhtiar in futility shouted at the podium of the Majlis, he kicked the floor repeatedly with the soles of his shoes and said: "Under our feet is a sea of oil and our people have to make lines to fill up their cars and heat their homes?" That was just a sample of what the Islamic revolution had in stores.

I say we are all paying for not being thankful enough or not thankful at all for the blessings that we had. We did not appreciate what God had given to us and for the past 27 years we are being ruled by the children of Satan.

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Either Chavez has converted to Islam or Khatami et al have become commies. Actually, I don't see a great deal of difference between Islam and communism. In fact the basis for most organized religion is very similar to communism & its ideology - i.e. equality, leader worship, sharing of wealth, comradeship and so on. They label it differently though and base their authority on different sources - one is based on God and Koran and the other on a human created doctrine. Of course, in reality their precious ideals are hardly applied.

Khatami isn't the only one to have purchased a piece in a safe haven (for now). I think they know their time will be up soon and they all have already mapped out their escape plans out of Iran.
I have lived in Venezuela for 20 years and only left two weeks ago. There are rumors that Chavez has converted. I believe he only worships himself. He certainly is pro-Iranian and unfortunately, the average Venezuelan is ignorant to the atrocities of the mullahs.
May I link to this post?
Unfortunately we are being ruled by a bunch of very sick people. Please go ahead and link the post.
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