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Friday, June 15, 2007

Time for a change has expired


Hopefully more UN sanctions will be imposed. Sanctions are better than nothing, more sanctions imposed will make times rough for the Ayatollahs, true, but the ones who will suffer will be the people ultimately. We know the lessons of sanctions, it did not work against the governments of North Korea or Cuba for decades. If there is an attack it will be even tougher for the people. But the only solution is covert operations and use of special forces to paralyze the top echelon. Sanctions will enrich the Ayatollahs. Tactical war will enrich arms dealers and the Ayatollahs as it did during Iran-Iraq war and is doing the same in Iraq now. You have to hit the CNS (Central Nervous System). What happened to all those special forces, Navy Seals and commando trainings. Do we really have to spend billions of dollars to bribe big bellied arms merchants? Do innocent Iranians have to perish afters decades of repression just because of politics as usual and geopolitical conveniences. The above sounds outlandish, it is getting frustrating and dangerous and there is no other solution or any will it seems. special forces should not only be trained to knock out crazy high school shooters they should also knock out crazy governments. Unless you really want to resuscitate the Islamic republic the same way Saddam did with Iran-Iraq war or the way Khatami did with his "reforms". We need a change in world politics, a return to importance of moral imperative and courage.

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