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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oil Money the Ayatollahs' Jugular Vein

4.1 million barrels per day of crude oil are the official exports volume of Islamic Republic of Iran according to OPEC. With the current market price of $75 the revenues of the mullah regime add to over $300 million per day, and this figure is only for crude oil exports and not from any other government run exports such as liquefied Natural Gas, mining products and other revenue forms in the form of real production and also shady and illegal activities such as smuggling of contrabands internationally. Yet the economy of Iran has been suffering the worse seen since World War One years. During the Iran-Iraq war the economy was in better shape. So what is happening to all the revenues in the Islamic republic’s coffers, estimated to receive monthly inflows of close to $15 billion?

There are reports that the Islamic regime pays four million people, mostly low income women with children between $50 to $60 per month, in exchange for this amount the recipients are required to attend government rallies, Friday prayers sermons, in addition they are minders for their neighborhoods concerning counter revolutionary activities and a number are on call to participate in breaking up pro democracy demonstrations. the total cost of this program could cost upwards of $240 million per month.

Support for foreign movements such as Hezbolah of Lebanon, Palestinian Hamas, Free oil exports to the Syrian government and possibly North Korea. This program could run up to $450 million per month.

The Iranian security and intelligence services known as SAVAMA or VEVAK have reportedly increased operational personnel and infrastructure five folds compared to SAVAK, the Shah's ministry of intelligence still on the tips of the tongues of many western sophists. The budget of running this operation is estimated to be around $300 million per month with estimated personnel of over 150,000. This does not include other parallel intelligence services operated by the Islamic Regime as seen in high gear during the Khatami presidency.

The costs of the nuclear program, the military and its weapons’ acquisitions and production, and the corruption involved in the daily running of the government is a behemoth. The government of Ahmadinejad was questioned by the Majlis about his tens of billions of unaccounted spending for the previous year over its approved budget, and the response was: well, previous governments spent a lot of money as well.

So let us ask once more: why do the Iranian people sit still and do not move against the corrupt regime if they truly want freedom? My answer is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a very advanced dictatorship, a police state probably more sophisticated than any other seen in history. The only objective of the Mullahcracy is to preserve its own existence and ensure its leaders’ very lucrative ride.

The prospect of Iran being attacked by foreign forces makes me sick. How could I wish so desperately for any foreign force to attack my only homeland? However I know for a fact that the Islamic regime is an occupier of my homeland, an unwanted, un-elected, undeserving regime ruling over Iran with brutal force, very much acting like a self righteous alien occupier.

In conclusion I feel the years long procrastination at the UN, IAEA and international community have to come an end. I do not understand why the regime of Iran, devious, criminal at home and abroad, long known and proven to be a terrorist state causing instability everywhere it spreads its claws should deserve a continuous access to the revenues from the oil markets of the world. The Islamic regime could have been suffocated long ago if its oil exports had been embargoed. It is not too late to crush the Islamic republic without having to fire a shot.

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Excellent. You should comment on this analysis on WaPo as an Iranian in IRan:
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