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Friday, August 03, 2007

European Colonial Greed


"Europe warns US on Iran sanctions"
London's Financial Times reports: "European governments are warning Congress that US legislation aimed at Iran could hit European energy groups, undermine transatlantic unity on Tehran’s nuclear programme and provoke a dispute at the World Trade Organisation".

Oil is often thought as a curse brought to nations who possess it. This is a fatalistic view of the subject. In reality the people of Iran will really be free when they receive full and true share of their rich natural resources. It is obvious that the Iranian people do not have basic freedoms non the less their right to their oil. It is scandalous why European oil giants such as France's Total, Repsol of Spain, Royal Dutch Shell and others are this concerned with their pursuit. It is very ironic that the predicament of the Iranian people is beginning to look very similar to the American revolutionaries who started with the slogan: No taxation without representation.


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Thanks for your kind words
I'll add you to my blogroll.

Thnx for your kind words again!
I like what you have done in this blog.

پاینده باشید
Unfortunately, Iranians betrays themselves often, specially those who found themselves out of Iran in the last few years due to manipulated help from the "outside". Pathetic. Not referring to you Z.

But in general, the above, is the main reason - "Cultural" - I stopped writing on my blog.

Good Luck with that change of behavior which won't happen any time soon.
Plateau, be strong, don't give up. Giving up is a victory for our enemy. Our enemy is very weak because it is the embodiment of evil and hypocrisy. The truth will shine always. Every little effort will help.
Thanks. Time will tell. No one ever gives up, at least not in the long term - there are horses for courses tho ;)
Regime change can happen, plateau but behavior therapy wont result in any thing!
Winston, I wasn't alluding to changing the regime's behavior, that was the U.S. State Depart. angle at some point, wasn't it? Besides, you're right, behavior therapy can work with semi sane people not complete lunatics.
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