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Monday, October 01, 2007

Objective: Regime Change

Iranian people are being mauled by the Islamic Regime while the western world tries to negotiate and then ponders the regime's actions and rhetoric. While the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher is missed for her mantra: "never ever negotiate with terrorists".

To attack Iran without targeting and destroying the Islamic Regime is as mindless as begging the regime to change its behavior. Domestically in Iran, an incalculable human toll mounts as the days of the regime pass the world by. The influence of the Ayatollahs has grown internationally by their direct and covert forces fueled by petro-wealth. For years they have aided violent acts of terror and now openly fund militias in Lebanon. They have conducted operations assassinating Iranian opposition members in Austria, Germany, UK, France, USA, Italy, Turkey and the Philippines... Currently with an unprecedented savage crackdown of the population, the Ayatollahs are also laying their bets that any military action against them may be harmful to them but survivable. The Ayatollahs running the Islamic Republic would care less if the country was attacked and all the nuclear facilities and IRGC leveled, as long as there will be enough infrastructure to savagely destroy any popular uprising. The SAVAMA is capable of this. The Ayatollahs have calculated and do not mind if their objective is set back ten years, better yet, twenty years, as long as they remain in power. It is a better deal to be guaranteed survival and authority than being removed permanently. Their best and only friend has been and is time, they love to wait while administrations switch in the rest of the world. In the future, history and the world would not forgive contemporary decision makers if the crucial moment is sacrificed and the Iranian people are not released from the claws of the Islamic Theocracy and given their natural rights to freedom.

Yep... The only viable option is regime change.
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New Yorker has picked the Right Time for that Cartoon!
If we Americans attack, will you please promise to wait awhile before shooting our troops in ambushes. I mean a certain Mr. Chalabi promised that the Iraqis would greet the troops with rose petals and yet after they arrived, we learned that Mr. Chalabi was linked to Iran, a main organizer of the current Iraqi just goes to show how much you can trust Muslims!
Hidden Author,

It is sad that you are only capable to see the world in monochrome. When you express that: Muslims are untrustworthy, it shows a very shallow intellect, being completely off the radar when it comes to cultural understanding at least when it comes to matters related to Iran and Iranians. Please do some reading and independent minded inquiries before you make any comments on issues that you feel are important to you.

In response to your question of whether there will be any repercussions to an attack, first I will emphasize that war is one of the worst products of humanity, I recall Americans being hot headed and pro war before the Afghan and Iraq attack and after that the majority turned peace activists, I responded to them: "Do not tell me that you thought war was going to be like a pick nick" but unfortunately you guys think everything has to come fast and easy, the world does not always works like that . The removal of the Islamic regime will result in a world that will be a lot better off. Especially if you "Americans" would stop acting on impulses fueled by the media, just as when you got tricked into electing the wrong people, such as Jimmy Carter. You elected him on the false belief that he is a simple farmer therefore an honest person. Yet the world (and you) has been paying for your mistake since Carter took office, and you are still oblivious about that critical MISTAKE.
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