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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sartre: Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Very interesting video to go with the title of the post.

You know, in Islam they say it is a cardinal sin to commit suicide. Regardless, suicide bombings are encouraged by ppl such as Bin Laden and the Mullahs; often justified as becoming martyrs, virgins calling...

Should there be an attack on Iran, and should there be an opportunity for the Iranian people to get even with the mullahs [in the field], it would be interesting to see if one ruling mullah or even someone such as Ahmadinejad would have the courage to kill himself in the name of Mohammad, Islam or perhaps even Arafat. I bet you anything they wouldn't. Some of the Baseejis would, but not 'em Mullahs or any of their immediate cohorts. Not because of their belief in Islam, but simply because they are cowards & (koon-goshaad) <-- can I say that? lol. Actually, unlike the Taliban or some of the Sunni "Arabs", who are real fighters.

Should the U.S. decide to start bombing nuke targets, etc.. the Mullahs et al will be the first to run & some will try to jump ship.

Iran, actually, will be much easier than Iraq or Afghanistan. What will happen after the "fireworks" concerns me the most.
very well said
when something makes sense, so it does.

Good words, and I am sure they will come handy at some point!
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