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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Faith based diplomacy?! Good luck


I just listened to this program on: Speaking of Faith: Diplomacy & Faith in the 21st Century

Douglas Johnston, head of the "below the radar" International Center for Religion and Diplomacy says: "...The key to engaging Iran is religion..." and "...a peace game..." would work out with Iran "...if Rafsanjani were to win the (presidential) election..." in 2005

Mr. Johnston seems to have differentiated between the Iranian people and the Iranian government by presenting the people as void of needs for justice, human rights, dignity, freedom, economic stability, a future and....

Check out his credentials, pretty impressive for a guy who has come up with such misguided ideas at least about Iran. (I do not want to pass judgment on his ideas about other nations)
What is he trying to achieve concerning Iran? Is he just trying to legitimize the theocracy? or is this just a brainwashing outfit? or a front for some other operation?

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Check my latest entry on these so-called experts who have no clue about a country like Iran yet they claim to know more than any one else. The mainstream media in the west are just shameful entities

Mullahs are set to "conquer" the EU, the UK and the U.S. (my guesstimate: Mullahs are one third of the way there already).

The gradual takeover by the Islamists will not be due to nuclear weapons, but will be through winning the hearts and minds and the economics (forget sanctions) - some of it thru "Iran Experts".

What facilitates Mullahs' and, generally, the Islamists' approach, imo, are:

1) Lack of a strong counter belief (religious or otherwise) by most Europeans. Europe is largely secular.
2) Europe is a democracy and is largely tolerant with many freedoms (same applies to the U.S.). Both EU and US have been democracies for a long time and their people now take it for granted (BIG MISTAKE).
3) A large percentage of American People are insular, unworldly and quite gullible. Although there is a heavy right-wing Christian influence, which if taken to a certain point can match that of Mullahs' Islamism, even moderate ones. This can be good and bad, depending how it is channeled. Anyway, Americans, largely, are not "crusaders".
4) Gradual infiltration of Western MSM by various pro Mullah and Islamist elements as is already the case with, for example, Fox News.
5) The support (financial & political) the Western governments continue to give to the Mullahs and Islamists. Saudi Arabia & the House of Saud, for example, has vast economic investments in the U.S. alone - Can one imagine what would happen if they decided to withdraw some of that investment?
6)Mullahs and Islamists know that America's forte in wargames has been mostly a military one, not much else. And, Europeans are basically not fighters. Hence nuclear weapons, errr, power is for future protection.
7)America, in particular, is still too obsessed with the Communists rather than trying to find a solution to a more serious Islamists problem.

Frankly, Mullahs' regime would've been long gone from Iran if the West truly wanted it gone!

I think this is a bit of history repeating itself (how it started with Islamists and Communists trying to get rid of the Shah).

Meantime, some Iranians believe that, someone like Ahmadinejad is standing up to the "perceived" aggressor and getting results. Actually, as far as I am aware, this perception is quite prevalent in the Middle East. So, they ask: why not?!
"I think this is a bit of history repeating itself (how it started with Islamists and Communists trying to get rid of the Shah)."

To clarify the above, what I mean is that Islamists and their occasional supporters "communists" used more or less similar strategies and tactics to get rid of the Shah as they are now using to undermine Western values, governments, democracy, freedoms, and so forth. Although, it is still in its infancy.
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