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Monday, January 07, 2008

Five men had their right hands and left feet dismembered by the Islamic court in Iran.

How are we going to get Jimmy Carter's attention? He holds the prestigious position of a former president of the United States allowing him to jet set around the globe, apparently promoting human rights and democracy for the past three decades. The Iranian people deserve an answer, it was on his clock that Iran was plunged into its darkest time. He needs to tell the Iranians what really happened to America's position towards Iran. Now Jimmy Carter refuses categorically to speak to any Iranian or Iranian journalist about Iran. I believe it is time for us to hear his side of the story, there are numerous great Iranian journalists with integrity who would give him a fair chance, I can think of Zia Atabai or Ali Reza Meibodi who would give Carter a fair platform to tell his side of the story. Otherwise, the least the Iranian youth need is an expression of sympathy or acknowledgment of the attrocities of the Islamic Republic.

On Sunday it has been reported in the restive province of Zahedan, Iran, five men were charged with "acting against God" and "corruption upon this Earth". They were punished by the amputation of their right hands and their left feet. The charge of "acting against God" and "corruption upon Earth" (or better known in Iran's Islamic court system as"Mohareb ba Khoda" and "Mofsed O Fel Arz") usually carries a death sentence, but this slightly lighter punishment is obviously used to send a subtle warning to the masses. This is a continuation of last year's graphic and barbaric punishments imposed on all types of Iranians, this January of 2008 the public displays have gone into a new phase with the unprecedented mass dismemberments.

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You think this idiot Jimmy Carter cares? If he did, he'd not let these morons take over Iran!
Carter left his legacy (for Iranians and his own people) and unfortunately he was chosen, by his own people as the leader of many more Americans who are very inward looking. In recent decades, he is the first worst and ignorant American President. Unfortunately, there has been another one since.
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