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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blitz in progress. Don't believe anything you read, see or hear.

A recent deluge of revisionist media blitz in support of the Islamic regime, on Iranian satellite TV, accompanied by unusually disproportionate number of forum posts have caught my interest and attention. On Iranian satellite TV (Channel One) I have seen commentary from popular talking heads offering “facts” blaming the crimes being committed today against Iranians as a result of policies more than twenty-nine years ago. It is without any shame that it is said: today's judicial amputations, poverty, prostitution and etc. are the Shah's fault. On TV channels (Pars TV) which were a few years ago sworn enemies of the Islamic Regime and nationalistic advocates, now programs air that have renamed the Persian Gulf. This type of propaganda has worked very well in the past for the Islamic regime and its masters and cronies. Needless to say that Ahmadinejad vowed to bring the Iranian satellite TV to its knees, the result is disturbing. On the comments section of where countless number of user feedback is deleted each day we see an unusually large number of comments in support of such hated characters as Khomeini. In the past we have faced media attacks by international media sources, dehumanizing Iranians and making viewers believe that the Islamic theocracy is the representative of the people of Iran. But the infiltration of supposedly exiled and dissident radio and TV, and the cooking up of Internet forums and comments sections is a new frontier that need to be addressed and exposed. So it is up to each individual to expose the media and reflect the events. Our numbers alone will drown them and the truth will be told.

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I've updated my last post titled "jihads and crusades". Iranian-Americans in LA and CA in particular, do not have a clue about Iran or democracy or whatever unless it smells of moolah, same can be said of the UK or certain parts of Europe, to a lesser extent.

Thanks for this post.
They have no shame and as a result they have no one to blame our "Current Problems" on, otherwise these morons could look at themselves and find the root of the problem: THEMSELVES. They forced the fucking mullahs down our throat and they've no shame and integrity to admit to their mistakes. Look, these idiots have no brain too.
Yes, truth is within and the truth is without
You may would like to check out this link. it is interesting.
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