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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bomb Iran?

US Treasury meet with Islamic Republic of Iran banking officials in Paris.

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Let's hope the next president of the US is not a Democratic one. A GOP president is better!
I liked Romney, McCain is OK as long as it will not be politics as usual, I want radical change. Who is going to be the Libertarian candidate? Is there going to be any alternative? Republicans have to get the signal by the Iranian community that with rhetorics and without action they are not going to continue being rewarded. I mean the Cubans have been supporting the Republicans for ever and they have become the lackeys of the GOP, and Castro today retired into the sunset with a coconut drink in his hand.
America will largely vote "Democrat". I am pretty sure. Not because they are good or better than GOP, but because Bush badly messed up and kept going second term based on much nonsense. America under Bush 2 was not a "conservative". Neocons are not "conservatives". A definition of a "Neocon" is someone who is an "ex-liberal" like to Condi who jumped ship mid Carter.

Pre-requisite for an American President: Learn to speak English fluently, and not speak in tongues. Learn about at least where the Capital cities of certain mid-east countries are. And, Condi: Know Iran speaks Persian first as a nation, not Arabic. Seriously!

Too bad.
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