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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

London's SOAS is hosting Islamic Republic Revolution celebrations

Blogger Azarmehr writes from London about SOAS hosting for Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy a three day celebrations on February 6th through the 8th 2008 commemorating the revolutions triumph.

Azarmehr writes:
"Last year the SOAS Administration claimed they were unknowingly duped by the Islamic Republic embassy in London, who used the university facilities as a platform for their propaganda and disinformation, by holding a "symposium" as a pretext for an official celebration of the Islamic Revolution in a British university.

Well if you could give the SOAS Administration the benefit of the doubt last year, a repeat of the same "symposium" makes it impossible and cretinous to do so this year. For once again, an invitation by the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the I.R. of Iran, accompanied by a poster with the heading "In Praise of the 29th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution", has been sent out to embassy staff and associates for a 3 day event, 6-8th February at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS, with the usual reception starting at 6:30 pm."

This event must be exposed by all means, a testament that the western world is appeasing and condoning such fundamentalist and violent movements. I wonder if there is going to be a show at SOAS showing the crimes committed by the glorious Islamic revolutionaries at its birth on 22nd day of Iranian month of Bahman 1357.

On February 6th 2007 Azarmehr reports the IRI event at SOAS has been CANCELLED. Now let us all celebrate to the downfall of Islamic Fascism in Iran.

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Shameful but you know, Brits created this revolution and they think they own it. So they kinda feel they should celebrate it.

انگلیسیها در بوجود امدن این حکومت تا حدی کمک کردن و حالا هم براش جشن میگیرند. شرم بر این اروپاییها که هیچگاه دست از حمایت از این جانیان اسلامی دست بر نمیدارند
Hello Winston,
As you saw on Aryamehr's blog there is intriguing claims ( ) that Khomeini's lost father may be known now. I sent an email to one of the descendants a Kuwaiti grandson ( )of William Richard Williamson, born in 1872 in Bristol, England who some suspect is the long lost English father of Khomeini. Don't you think simple DNA testing could prove or refute this? Otherwise the question will linger: Who is Khomeini's Father? We know his mother was for sure a Kashmiri Indian.
Well done! All those old foggies organising neshaste landan, berlin, paris, samarkand, timbaktoo etc. could not organise one successful protest despite all the money they got, but you the army of bloggers and your network of friends showed that to hurt Islamic Republic, talking is enough, action is required.

Well done saggezard, well done Azarmehr, well done Winston, well done everyone.
Sharia law will take place in UK. See these idiots in UK want it and I have no problem letting them have it. Let them taste it first hand
Thanks Fereshteh Jan, But if credit has to be given, it must go to Azarmehr entirely, IMHO.
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