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Thursday, February 04, 2021

America Beware of Your Lingering Ayatollah

If there is one lesson America must learn from recent history, it is to realize MAGAism is a smoldering fire, it can engulf the whole land in a flash as Khomeinism did to a modernizing Iran, burning it to the smithereens at the foundations. Aggressive economic policies, redistribution of wealth or changing of the guard..... may not be the only solutions to repel that sort of blaze.

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Monday, January 06, 2020

Soleimani goes where Rafsanjani went.

Donald Trump did Khamenei a huge favor by eliminating Qasem Soleimani, a formidable military veteran and a Khomeini principalist who was feared by many in the regime including Khamenei and his son Mojtaba Khamenei who looks to take the lead once his father leaves. Rafsanjani who himself was eliminated, successfully argued for survival of the Islamic regime by means of giving economic freedoms to the revolutionary guards and prevent possibility of a military coup d'etat by sharing the spoils with the Ayatollahs. However the now very wealthy generals are standing in the way to negotiate with the USA. Soleimani's graphic and well publicized killing is a win for Trump AND Khamenei's Islamic establishment, Trump continues reiterating he does not want regime change, he is basically saying he wants change of alliance and allegiance by the Ayatollahs from Europe, Russia and the east to US. The question is what would the USA have to forgo to regain Iran from the claws of the Ayatollahs' masters. The circus continues and the Iranian population pays with their lives, dignity and wealth. It is only about keeping the Iranian population in yoke.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Political Prisoner: Film Director Jafar Panahi

On December 20th 2010, outstanding and award winning Iranian film maker, Jafar Panahi, was sentenced by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Court to six years imprisonment and twenty years ban from film making, writing, giving interviews and traveling abroad. Prior to the sentence, in July of 2009, Jafar Panahi had been arrested along with mourners at the grave site of Neda Agha Soltan, a martyr of the crushed post election uprising. Panahi was released after the confiscation of his passport, but later rearrested at his home in March of 2010 and taken to Evin prison along with his wife and daughter. His family members were released two days later but Panahi was kept in appalling conditions, mistreated and psychologically tortured. Subsequently on May 18th 2010 Panahi went on a hunger strike, forcing Evin prison officials to release him on (US)$200,000 bail one week after the start of his hunger strike.

Today Jafar Panahi, one of Iran's best film makers, is locked behind the doors of one of Islamic Republic's most notorious prisons and torture factories. An artist whose talents were recognized at an age of ten years old. Awarded at international film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival. Today Jafar Panahi is forced into silence, caged and treated as a criminal for simply thinking differently than the governing Islamic establishment. His only crime was to have openly mourned the death of one of the scores of martyrs of the 2009 Islamic Republic elections. It is noteworthy to mention that on the same date Panahi was sentenced another film maker by the name of Mohammad Rasoulof was also sentenced to six years imprisonment for assembly, collusion, and propagandizing against the regime.

In the early days of the Islamic revolution, persecution of artists, actors, musicians and authors were common place, the revolutionary regime was so audacious that summons in the form of long lists were printed in daily newspapers. It has become known today, several of Iran's best artists were raped in custody. The regime was beginning a Stalinist purge of the artistic community by completely stopping every mode of expression and communication. Later the Islamic intelligence ministry (VEVAK) began its involvement in the production of films. Its film office at Ministry of Culture and Guidance regulated all aspects of arts and kept an eye on every artist. The intelligence ministry became highly involved in the writing and editing of film scripts for domestic consumption. At the same time it opened the hands of certain few film makers to produce films solely suited to the international market, to export an image of the Islamic republic as a haven for free artistic expression, when domestic films were infested with poisonous undertones, disseminating the ideology of a sickly apparatus, trying to brainwash a new generation through their perceived control of artistic expression and media.

It is a fact today that Islamic republic has failed in its war against artistic expression and control of media. Evidenced by massive dissent at every generation, desire for freedom is much stronger than the control any government can muster.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

There is no place like home

Crazy or disturbed? Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, former founding member of Ansar-e Hezbollah, sporting a green wristband and a collarless wrinkled shirt is making a "gamble" to return to the Republic of Horror. Flight booked for 24th of June 2010.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today IRGC is the only obstacle to overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

همراه شو "Follow Me My Beloved" by Mohsen Namjoo

همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Follow me my dear
همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Follow me my beloved
تنها نمان به درد --------------------------------Do not sit in your pain
کاین درد مشترک ------------------------------Our pains
هرگز جدا جدا درمان نمی‌شود ------------------Will not be cured if we are apart

همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Stand up my dear
همراه شو عزیز --------------------------------Stand up my beloved
تنها نمان به درد --------------------------------Do not wait in pain
کاین درد مشترک -------------------------------All this Injustice
هرگز جدا جدا درمان نمی‌شود ------------------Will not be cured if we stand apart

دشوار زندگی ----------------------------------Harshness of life
هرگز برای ما ---------------------------------Will never be ours
دشوار زندگی ----------------------------------Difficulties of life
هرگز برای ما ---------------------------------Will not be ours
بی رزم مشترک -------------------------------Without a united fight
آسان نمی‌شود ----------------------------------It will not be an easy task

تنها نمان به درد -------------------------------Do not wait in pain alone
همراه شو عزیز -------------------------------Stand up and follow the beloved

Note: I had originally posted a Yotube video with breathtaking images from the protests accompanied with a longer version of this same song by Mohsen Namjoo, unfortunately the Youtube account was closed, therefore I replaced the link with the above video with a shorter version of the song.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Open Following Web Links to Help Crash Web Sites of Islamic Regime

Photos of some journalists incarcerated in dangerous conditions
You can help bring Islamic regime down:
Information below is a call circulating on the internet for a simple and automated way anyone with an internet connection can help crash Islamic Republic of Iran's most notorious mouth piece websites. Simply click on the links below in a new browser or new tabs:

Enter the following URLs in your browsers and leave them there. Even when you leave home keep the browsers open with the URLs so they keep getting refreshed. This will run a program which will continuously refresh these sites until the bandwidth exceeds. Open as many internet connections as you wish, during the process pages may look blank, this is OK, if you look at the bottom of the browser you will see that the computer connects and again reconnects to the site. If you see any notice of a script trying to open on your computer you should simply stop the script. Once in awhile you might want to check to make sure your browser has not give up, if so close the browser and restart the process again.

Most important is Ahmadienjad's IR cyber intelligence ministry's website, This site publishes pictures of the protesters and asks government informants to report them if they recognize the faces from the pictures, which ultimately leads to the protesters being arrested.

-- for :

-- , pro-Ahmadinejad news site which publishes the most outrageous lies & accusations:

-- :

-- :

-- Thug Shariatmadari's Kayhan published in Tehran:

-- Supreme Leader's site:

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hezbollah of Lebanon helping regime kill protesters in Iran

The bearded man pictured above in a green shirt holding a walkie-talkie, patrolling the streets of Tehran is Hezbollah of Lebanon's Hussein Monif Ashmar a leading operational member of the terror group with responsibilities including organizing suicide attacks. His photo was identified by a now exiled former member of Quds force: Amir Farshad Ebrahimi.

Further, Alireza Meybodi a leading commentator on exile opposition radio KRSI and Pars TV has reported, protesters have captured, identified and released Arabic speaking suppression members from the following countries: Somalia, Sudan, Oman, Syria, Yemen and Palestinians. Earlier in the upheaval Meybodi had reported the landing of three aircraft originating in Lebanon at Mahshahr Airport with Lebanese and Palestinian militias. He also reported students' eyewitness reports from Babol university, surrounded by armed Arabic speakers with no or little knowledge of the Persian language. In addition Meybodi reports the use of a Venezuelan security outfit sent recently by Hugo Chavez to protect Ahmadinejad and Khamenei since they no longer trust Iranian security personnel. Interestingly in the broadcast debates before the upheaval, Mehdi Karoubi had been puzzled by the amount of aid Ahmadinejad had sent to Hugo Chavez, he asked Ahmadinejad: "Please tell me what has Iran gained in return for all the aid and all your visits to Venezuela"

The following video shows a man claiming that the Basij militia who invaded and vandalized the apartment building where he lives spoke Persian with an Arabic accent.

Usually in foreign policy circles the use or entering of foreign troops into any land signals a greater strife, and usually heralds war. This information is in the least disturbing, Iran's sovereignty has been compromised, and will cause a dangerous imbalance in the geopolitics of the middle east. The use of Palestinians goes back to before the 1979 revolution when Yasser Arafat had flown militias to help in the street killings of the Islamic revolution. Arafat received billions of dollars from Khomeini after the victory of the Islamic revolution.

Will governments of the world stand by while the people of Iran are massacred and crushed into subservient domination by world terror.

Time for action.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Shall Overcome ما پیروز میشیم

Unfortunately bloodbath has been a recurrence for thirty years under the Islamic republic and every peaceful gesture has been met with exponential violence. Although at this point I believe the only solution is to rise in armed defense against fascism, I find the following handbook very interesting: "From Dictatorship to Democracy" By Gene Sharp (Persian translation) از دیکتاتوری به دموکراسی

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Demonstration & shots fired on Hafte Tir Square

Tehran June 22nd 2009

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